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About this project

Hey there, I'd like to start by saying that I created this repository as a resource for those who are new to Python and want to learn it for Cloud Computing or DevOps career. However, I'd like to emphasise that using you cannot become a Python expert in 7 days, and this repository does not automatically turn you into a Python expert. It is only a starting point for you to gain a basic understanding of the language and some related concepts. Python is a vast and ever-changing language, and becoming an expert takes time and practise. I hope this disclaimer clears up any misunderstandings and assists you in approaching this resource with realistic expectations. Happy studying!


Days Topic
Day 1 Introduction to Python
Day 2 Python Loops, functions, modules and libraries
Day 3 Python Data Structures and OOP
Day 4 Debugging, testing and Regular expression
Day 5 Web development in Python
Day 6 Automation with Python
Day 7 Let's build an App in Python